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Research plays a critical role in both knowledge inventory and transformation at various levels in any growing economy. At Alliance, we firmly believe in the importance of research and hence our conscious step towards setting up various centers for research. This predominantly is to bring together like-minded individuals from various disciplines, industries and backgrounds to amalgamate on focused research in various areas. This endeavor would generate new ideas and promote path-breaking solutions to pertinent problems across industry verticals, academia and the society at large.

Center for Academic Research would essentially focus on driving academically rigorous research through our post-graduate programs especially the doctoral program.

Center for Applied Research would focus on engaging with the business and non-business entities and collaborating with them for arriving at research-based solutions to meet their current and future workrelated requirements.

Center for Social Impact and Research would engage with the society at large to offer research-based holistic and sustainable solutions to some of the persisting environmental and societal issues.

Best CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND INNOVATION in Alliance University, India



Centre for Academic Research (CAR)

Centre for Academic Research is an integral part of the Alliance University research cluster that promotes the vibrant research and innovation ecosystem at the University. This center consists of dynamic and highly talented researchers across disciplines. The primary objective of this Centre is to attract researchers, academicians, entrepreneurs and students of high caliber to engage in academic research that would aid in enhancing their skill repertoire in their chosen areas of the discipline. The center intends to provide professional development to faculty members, motivate and engage research scholars towards excellence in their respective disciplines and undertake commissioned research from national and international agencies to provide a platform for accomplished stalwarts and doctoral students to share their ideas, innovations and findings with the global fraternity.


  • Dr. Benarji Chakka (Center Head)
  • Dr. Syam Kumar R S
  • Dr. Selvarani R
  • Dr. Chitra Kiran
  • Dr. Abdul Hameed
  • Dr. Subhradev Sen

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Framing / revising policies for doctoral programs and other related programs such as PDF (postdoctoral fellowship)
  • Ensuring academic integrity – conducting workshops, offering refresher courses, etc.
  • Promoting publication of research through working paper series, ejournals, print journals, etc.
  • Conducting / organizing FDPs – in-house / open
  • Recommending academic databases to be procured for academic research

The Centre for Applied Research (CAR)

The Centre for Applied Research (CAR) is envisaged as a platform using which academicians, students, and industry practitioners will actively engage in exchanging applied research ideas and implementing the same in real-life projects. The Centre has been set up to promote applied research in diverse disciplines, exploring new and emerging research problems of interest, identifying innovative multi-functional methodologies for approaching these problems, and developing state-of-the-art solutions. The Centre aims to transform academic knowledge into real-life applications, mitigating critical problems related to technological, business, and societal needs.

The Centre would provide a link between academia, industry, and society, giving academic researchers exposure to real-time technological, managerial, and societal problems and access to a wide range of research projects to build their research skills and expertise. The researchers, in turn, would provide a conducive environment for mentoring student-researchers to pick up the necessary skills and build confidence while doing live research projects, leading possibly to entrepreneurial ventures from the technological, business, and societal solutions that the projects would yield.


  • Prof. Mihir Dash (Center Head)
  • Dr. Balram Rao
  • Dr. Abhinav T
  • Dr. Harinath Aireddy
  • Dr. Rashmi K S
  • Prof. Sujith Surendran P

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Drafting polices and guidelines on:
  • Funding (internal / external – Govt. / Non-Govt.
  • Projects and consulting assignments
  • Sabbaticals, collaboration with other institutes and faculties of repute
  • Recommendations for setting up labs and CoE (Centers of Excellence)
  • Offering support for filing patents
  • Conducting / organizing MDPs and FDPs (in-house / open)
  • Orientation, refresher courses
  • Publication - case studies, research reports
  • Recommending databases to be procured
  • Developing industry or sector reports
  • Offering internships and dissertations projects
  • Incubation centers, start-ups, entrepreneurship cell
  • Creating co-working spaces

Center for Social Impact and Research (CSIR)

Being an institute for higher learning, Alliance University willingly has agreed to shoulder a great responsibility in “giving back to the society”. In addition to its ongoing CSR activities, a separate research arm would focus on social causes. In particular, there will be a focus on encouraging and empowering communities to attain “sustainable living” through indigenous practices backed by modern technologies as needed. This will encompass areas of education, health, water and energy conservation.

The center would focus on building partnerships with concerned stakeholders, identifying areas of immediate attention and implement feasible solutions for the betterment of the community at large. Researchers, subject matter experts and volunteers could add value to the team by aligning to individual projects based on their interest and contribute towards greater societal impact.


  • Dr. Shobana Padmanabhan (Center Head)
  • Dr. Shekar R
  • Dr. George Easaw
  • Dr. Prasanna Mohan Raj
  • Dr. Sumant Kumar
  • Dr. Ramdhass P

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Drafting polices and guidelines for carrying out social projects leading to research outputs
  • Publication – reports, case studies
  • Field-based research such as program evaluation studies
  • Setting up social enterprises
  • Partnerships with local bodies, NGOs, corporates and research institutes
  • Volunteering programs for faculty and staff of the University