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Faculty Book Launch


The Center for Research and Innovation at Alliance University had organized a ‘Faculty Book Launch’ on December 4, 2019 at Central Campus. Faculty members who had their books published during the period January to November 2019, were felicitated and recognized for their scholarly contributions.

The details are as follows:

Dr. Karnam Nagaraja Rao, Associate Professor, Alliance School of Business

Management Insights from Motivational Slokas

  • About the Book: The book consists of 108 gems from Sloka literature of Sanskrit drawn from Vidura Niti, Bhartrihari Subhashitas, Kautilya’s Arthashastra, Panchatantra and Mahabharata. The Slokas are written in Devanagari and transliterated in English.
  • Business Ethics
  • About the Book: This is a book consisting of 37 caselets in the area of Business Ethics. They are concise and highly structured, dealing with ethical issues emanating out of relationships between organization on one side and different stakeholders on the other side.
  • Note from the Author: Both the books are uniquely positioned; one assisting students while the other is for leaders and decision makers.


Dr. Sumant Kumar, Assistant Professor, Alliance School of Law

Tribal Rights in India

  • About the Book: The challenges, trials and tribulations faced by tribals in India in the current age and day. The discrimination faced by them and their fight for justice and rights!
  • Note from the Author: This book gave us an opportunity to experience tribal life at a grass root level and this gave us great insights into societal inequality and injustice.


Prof. Keerthi Raj, Assistant Professor, Alliance School of Law

ISMS in Politics (Political ideologies ruling the world)

  • About the Book: It deals with the basic socio-political questions regarding different dimensions of human political history. This book contains nine chapters including Liberalism, Socialism, Nationalism, Fascism, Feminism, Multiculturalism, Conservatism, Religious Fundamentalism and End of Ideology Debate.
  • Note from the Author: This book is an attempt from my end to understand the world from a political ideology standpoint and this led to examining different facets of political history across the world.


Prof. Upankar Chutia, Assistant Professor, Alliance School of Law

A Way Forward to Socio-Legal Contemplation

  • About the Book: This book is a collection of certain dynamic socio-legal issues addressing contemporary complications that are prevalent in the society.
  • Note from the Author: The book examines the socio-legal framework and scrutinizes issues arising out of the same, making the read enriching and enlightening!


Prof. Abhinav T., Assistant Professor, Alliance College of Engineering and Design

Micro and Macro of Plasma Sprayed Ceramic Coatings

  • About the Book: This book claims to be the first scientific, research-based book focused specifically on “Alumina plus Calcia Stabilized Zirconia” ceramic composite coatings. The book has been written in five chapters that include an introduction to plasma spray coatings, different coating techniques, advantages, and limitations. The book is enriched with high-resolution colorful XRD, SEM and EDX images obtained to support the research work
  • Note from the Author: I strongly believe that knowledge shared is knowledge squared. Authoring a book is the best approach to disseminate knowledge, which can leave an eternal impression on one’s mind for an indefinite period of time. This book is a result of thorough research, constant support and a highly conducive environment for writing!


The University applauds the contribution from the faculty members whilst wishing them the very best, and firmly believes that such steps are in the right direction towards adding value to the knowledge repository and making the ecosystem research-intensive.